How To Fix The Underwater Mortgage

Underwater Mortgage

We read and interesting article this morning on how to fix the underwater mortgage issue that is hurting our housing market.  This author suggests "Shared Appreciation Mortgages".  With this concept, the bank will do a principle reduction and then when the home appreciates, the appreciation will be shared between the bank and homeowner. Click here to read the article … [Read more...]

Riverside County Ranked Second For Highest Foreclosure Rate in 2011


We all knew there were a lot of foreclosures around here.  But did you know that Riverside County ranked second in the state of California for 2011 for foreclosure rates? Click here to read article … [Read more...]

Interest Rates To Remain Low Through 2014


Ben Bernanke announced today that interest rates will remain low through 2014. This is excellent news for home buyers as interest rates play such a huge role in affordability. Click here to read article … [Read more...]